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 Hello from Latvia

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Hello from Latvia Empty
PostSubject: Hello from Latvia   Hello from Latvia EmptyTue Apr 28, 2009 11:19 am

Since I cannot create a topic anywhere else, i'm doing it here.

1. I saw some strange things like "they want to make MPP's, probably with Latvia, bcz its run by hungary also."

Lithuania - i believe. Latvia is technically run by Indonesia. Though not too much. Now indos are just sitting around, and waiting for gold to arrive. It probably wont happen, but they are still hoping.

2. I would like to discuss in some details probability of Baltic alliance, or some other form of cooperation among Baltic countries. Since we lost 60k LVL there is not much point to create our economy.

At the present moment we are thinking about joining our main region Zemgale with Lithuania, since it would be the simplest way to boost our economy. However it requires the same return of currency and gold in Lithuania, as you've been offered by Hungary.
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Hello from Latvia
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