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 Suggestion Topic.

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Suggestion Topic. Empty
PostSubject: Suggestion Topic.   Suggestion Topic. EmptyMon Apr 13, 2009 6:33 am

Good morning eEesti citizens!

This topic has been made to help and improve administrators job here.


Well first thing I want to offer that we should make
"eEesti Valitsus" - "eEstonia Government" Categories.

IMHO there should be our government forums such as (my vision of government):

I. Foreign Ministry.

To discuss in what countries/alliances we place our embassies.
A. Discussion and suggestion forum.
Place where can foreign countries deploy own virtual embassies and have accreditation.
B. Embassy forum.
C. Immigration/Citizenship forum.
D. Foreign promotion forum.
E. Foreign Ministry news forum.

II. Finance Ministry.

Taxes projects and other law projects which are connected with governmental control of our state economy.
A. Discussion and suggestion forum.
B. Finance Ministry news forum.

III. National Propaganda Ministry. (NPM) (Ministry of Home Affairs) Should consist of estonians only due security reasons and specific promotion in Estonia web-media.

Anti-TO Ministry, Espionage and Immigration Ministry. Which would combine secret service and media ministry to promote our state and is vital to survive in this cruel world.

A. NPM Instructions forum. What should follow every patriot of this state. (Not very democratic, but crucial to survive the very first TO, then it should be removed and)
B. Promotion forum. Promotion of this game in real estonian media.
C. Tutorials and help forum.
D. Espionage forum. Where will every week formed espionage report for president and congress.
E. NPM news forum.

IV. Work ministry.

A. Discussion and suggestion forum.
B. Work ministry news forum.

V. Defence ministry.

A. Discussion and suggestion forum.
B. Defence ministry news forum.
C. Secret forum for EK soldiers.

(IMHO: Less ministries, more efficient government, less mess in forum and minds of players. And responsibility for government people)

And General Category where would be Off-topic / Politics / Economy forums.

Let's start discussion and give your ideas too...
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Suggestion Topic.
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