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 eEestimaa Kodumaa Liikumine / eEstonia Movement for Homeland

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eEestimaa Kodumaa Liikumine / eEstonia Movement for Homeland Empty
PostSubject: eEestimaa Kodumaa Liikumine / eEstonia Movement for Homeland   eEestimaa Kodumaa Liikumine / eEstonia Movement for Homeland EmptyThu Apr 16, 2009 8:13 am

For all RL estonians under my hand did started Movement for Homeland, which is based on our web forum: made atm on estonian language only.

Same time this is official reply to SgtMaj who doesn't understand (or doesn't want to) for what does our movement stand for and warns/compares all involved into movement as racists who may receive ban for discriminating "new estonians". Well this is very far from reality.

Manifest of Movement for Homeland.

1. RL estonians language barrier - estonians who did join this game, joined as I can see mainly from forum and friends invitations. They did join under idea that eRepublica eEstonia is in danger an we must save it independence. So people came to game and they are forced to english language interface. Yes, educationally we are good in english but writing and reading is something other that understanding game concepts. So Movement for Homeland first priority is to expand in-game wikipedia on estonian language! Educated and motivated to play citizens would be main treasury of eEstonia even it falls in PTO/TO. Become motivated and even "sucked into the game" they could:
A. When they have idea to play for. (independence of eEstonia)
B. they can easily discuss it. (forums on estonian language)
C. they understand the concepts. (estonian wikipedia)

2. Movement patriotism - we did see an TO made in ROE. RL Estonians are very patriotic people cause we earned own freedom with blood, courage and hard work. Now in-game all we did understand the problem, all we made promotional work, but we failed to control the elections in both parties. Biggest question for the moment is how make people elect the right person with right amount of votes even at right time to confuse PTO/TO groups. Movement for Homeland is understanding current political situation and supports current political decisions, but we don't like the attitude it is made! Even more... we do work to form election lists which would stand bahind particular candidates. So we are too part of Project 27.

3. Movement and "new estonians". We are not against "new estonians", we are just suspicious. RL estonian would not "exchange own homeland for gold", from our point of view "new estonians" should earn they trust by decisions and things they do for Estonia. We will strongly support SDE candidates and Killswitch on forthcoming elections! But we have to see, that party and president give us plan on which they make decisions, so we can discuss it before elections so every citizen voice would be listened in spirit of democracy. We do understand the importance of mid and high skilled foreigners and we would like learn from they experience! Compromises and cooperation is our way, not isolation and arguing!

4. Movement and economics. We support baby-boom from RL. So we are against of immigration program and decreasing citizen fee. But we are standing for low price q2 food, house program and strong export. Economical program is forming and will be ready after discussions.

5. Movement and politics. In future I think that we may form own party. Expansionalist, radically right party, supporting national ideas. This is our political difference from SDE which should make decisions from social-democrat positions. We are for democracy, but sometimes we have to stay as rock behind one idea!

6. Movement and RL. We would introduce interesting historical and culture facts about RL Estonia. To add extra value for eEstonia and make all our eEstonians proud of living in it!

PS. If somebody does doubt in this movement need, then I would discuss gladly about it. I am not forming somekind of racist faction who will be terrorising newcomers or make our private decisions in isolation from "new estonians". SgtMaj we are all equal, but english speaking people are more equal cause it is they native language. Now listen we stand for estonian wiki, we stand for forum where U can make friends and discuss things on estonian, we stand for smart and mighty nation (unified, not split), we want see that our voice is heard, we want to be a part of democracy, to be a part of political system, we are polite, patriotic and we want constructive dialogue. RL estonians can do it each alone or we can do it together! How this can result in ban? I just cant see, because we are not offensive.
Now specially to SgtMaj watch the other meetings, wouldn't be nice to make one here? And will we speak english there officially? It would be kind a... stupid. lol!

Facts: Estonia is smallest nation in Baltic States but we got players about 200 more than Latvia and Lithuania. They come from RL Estonia cause our avg. experience is 50 EP. Now think is this so bad idea to have national forum, for that 200 players would play and not will be dead.
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eEestimaa Kodumaa Liikumine / eEstonia Movement for Homeland
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